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hey, it's skull.
i'm an idiot teenager that likes coding, music, art, and a variety of other things that i don't want to take the time to list. a jack of all trades, if you will.
aries | infp-t | 4w5 | transmasc | queer i'm still in school and i'm in vigorous classes and stuff so this site will probably be a slow to update project. but, i'll literally blow up if i don't have anything to work on, so, that's that. check out my art page for the cool stuff i'm working on drawing, and the writing page for links to my snazzy lil ao3 (none of the links are tagged beyond their name and fandom, so, uh, proceed with caution.) this website is pretty much just a place for me to scream into the void and share my wonderful ideas with the world. (that was sarcasm, if you didn't catch it.)