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KANKRI: Cr9nus, I’d like t9 try s9mething, if it isn’t t99 triggering t9 y9u.

CRONUS: lay it on me, chief.

Kankri’s face flushes. He knows what he wants, but not how to say it without it being extremely obscene. He leans in closer to his matesprit, gazing far past Cronus’s husktop. The sound of his breathing is soothing to him and makes matters worse all at once.

KANKRI: S9, uh, well,

KANKRI: It… is n9t very… "appropriate", if y9u must.

Cronus practically sputters at this. Kankri gets a devilish glare in his eyes.

KANKRI: Cr9nus, I might actually flip 9ut on y9u if this is kept up. I d9 n9t want t9 hear y9ur inc9herent c9mmunicati9ns and 6lu66ering when I am trying t9 have a "m9ment" with y9u. It feels like-

He’s cut off by Cronus’s lips being mashed against his own. He knows that Kankri is a huge stickler about consent for everything, but damn if his lips look sexy while they’re moving. He’s still angrily mumbling into his mouth. It’s annoying as all get out, and he pulls back in preparation to deepen the kiss even further.

KANKRI: And an9ther thing, if y9u are that sh9cked that I have a functi9ning repr-

CRONUS: and thats enough of that. im sorry kanny. nowv, wvhat did you wvant to do?

Kankri responds with a mumble into Cronus’s shirt sleeve, which is draped around him pulling him closer. He buries his face into his knees after unintelligibly requesting something.

CRONUS: you DO knowv that i cant hear you wvhen you talk awvay from me right?

Kankri grumbles; same volume, this time into his knees. Cronus holds his chin towards him with a finger.

CRONUS: wvhat wvas that?

KANKRI: I, I am curi9us a69ut y9ur n9n-celi6ate sensati9ns, if y9u will.

KANKRI: I’d like t9 see what it feels like, i supp9se.

CRONUS: hold on chief,

Cronus takes a deep breath and looks at him, both taken aback and flattered. Celibacy and even just contact in general have always been an issue for Kankri. He’s the only person to his knowledge that he’ll even consider allowing to touch him, yet it seems like a huge jump to touch him like that. Something about it both doesn’t sit right and also fills him with pride that he would want to break his vows, especially in the context of himself.

CRONUS: wvhat do you mean by that?

Kankri blushes at least three shades deeper red at this question. The audacity to ask him such a thing when he knows that it’s such a sensitive topic!

KANKRI: Y9u kn9w exactly what I mean, Cr9nus!

KANKRI: Just, t9uch me… 9r s9mething…

Cronus realizes that he’s being entirely serious when he starts to fidget around. His pupils are slightly dilated and there’s a soft reverberation that resonates in his chest with every purr. He’s being entirely genuine, and it’s pitifully obvious.

CRONUS: mhm, howv?

The purr that was starting up turns into a growl as he flips to face Cronus’s lap. His lips meet his and he sits in his lap with his legs crossed. He starts out with a closed-mouth kiss, not wanting to accidentally trigger Cronus. He never initiates a makeout-session, let alone a kiss. Cronus’s bloodpusher skips a beat when he feels the warmth of Kankri’s lips against his, never before having felt the receiving end of one of his kisses. It’s angry, yet gentle and tender all the same. His head tilts from one side to another every now and again, and eventually he nips at Cronus’s bottom lip. His breathing speeds up as his mouth opens and an almost-boiling tongue slips in. It’s incredibly hot, in more ways than one.

They stay like this for a little more than a moment, simply basking in each other’s presence and how much they missed each other’s mouths even though they’re both running all the time. Kankri pulls away first, with a single string of saliva still connecting them. He looks deeply into his mate’s eyes and whispers hoarsely,

KANKRI: Please t9uch me, Cr9nus.

That breaks something in Cronus’s mind. He flip them over all at once and starts to grind soft circles. Kankri gasps and reaches up to stroke the thin, fluttering fins above him. Now Cronus gasps, causing his hips to jerk up out of surprise. Kankri groans and writhes underneath him, wanting more yet being overstimulated all the same. It’s not like he’d never experimented with himself, but sometimes claws can get in the way. It’s hard to get any kind of pleasure without ruining a perfectly good pillow, and his nook wasn’t all that sensitive. His bulge starts to unsheathe at the thought of finally getting a good release. Though, it starts wiggling at the thought of Cronus satiating this.

CRONUS: you okay dowvn there?

Kankri didn’t even realize he was gazing right into Cronus’s eyes the whole time, and turns beet red at the sheer humiliation of the thoughts he was having. He doesn’t want to stop for anything in the world though, so he just silently nods. He slides a hand between them and starts to palm at Kankri. He squeaks and grabs Cronus’s shoulders, digging the tips of his claws into his neck. It feels so nice, but not good enough. Giving Cronus a needy look, he hopes that he’ll get the message. Thankfully, he’s met with an equally desperate gaze and the same hand slips under his waistband to meet the sticky front of his boxers. He doesn’t go any further though, to Kankri’s dismay. He whines when he still only gets the palm of his hand and not fingers in his nook. Cronus doesn’t want to upset him by doing anything he doesn’t want him to. He doesn’t really get all the "celibacy vow" stuff; he’s always just gotten off whenever he’s horny. Kankri is more of a closed book when it comes to this, although he has found some translucent-red stains in his bed before. That, however, is beside the point and the only thing on his mind is railing him into the ground.

CRONUS: kanny, wvhat do you wvant me to do

KANKRI: Cr9nus, I have already stated this.

CRONUS: yeah, i knowv. im not really a celibacy expert, if you havwent noticed, but i think that this might be breakin those vwowvs you did.

KANKRI: *V9w, it is singular, and yes.

CRONUS: so you really wvant me to do that chief?

Cronus is still fingering at his nook through the fabric and he can’t think straight because of it. Does he really want to do ths? After zero thought, the answer is a fully articulated, resounding yes. Cronus pulls him into yet another kiss as he tugs Kankri’s leggings off. He breathes shakily as his boxers are taken off with them. Dripping onto the sheets, he groans when a cool finger is dragged along the swollen lips of his nook. Cronus keeps stroking experimentally and circles a finger around the entrance teasingly. Red fluid oozes out as his bulge coils around his wrist and drips down into his hand.

CRONUS: fuck, kankri.

KANKRI: Language, Cr9nus.

He barely whispers this. He doesn’t actually care, but he has a reputation to hold up, right? Especially since he’s already being sinful by doing this… filth. Why is it bad, though? It feels obscene and dirty, yet so exhilaratingly good all at once. Fuck it, he can't think. He’ll sort this out later.

CRONUS: kanny, im gonna start nowv. that cool?

He groans and rolls his hips up. Cronus mumbles something along the lines of, "I’ll take that as a yes," and slowly slips a finger in. Kankri’s breath stutters from the unfamiliar sensations in his nook. Cronus’s finger gently strokes upwards, barely applying pressure to his sensitive walls. Kankri’s legs jitter and shake. He never really touches himself to begin with, but someone else touching him?

Kankri lets out a shaky breath as he relaxes his muscles. Cronus picks up on this signal conveying that he’s ready for more. He picks up the pace slightly; taking a quicker, more shallow approach. He softly groans when he sees Kankri’s eyes roll up in pleasure. Is he really the one making him feel this good? He sits up over him to get a better angle and sits on his thigh to relieve some pressure. His pants are getting tight, considering the swollenness of his nook.

KANKRI: Cr- Cr9nus, h9ld 9n…

He feels a tension in his stomach, not knowing what it is. He wants to just let it pass over, but with Cronus still fondling the rim of his nook it won’t be going anywhere. He waits for a few moments, then sighs an "Okay…". Cronus kisses his neck and whispers in his ear. His breath is chilling, and it feels nice on his hot skin.

CRONUS: can i try something?

Kankri nods. He trails kisses down his torso, making his way towards his nook. Kankri’s breath quickens and gets louder the longer Cronus takes, and it’s all the more tempting for him to tease him even more. By time he gets to his nook, it’s dripping wet and swollen with red. He takes a few breaths and looks up to make sure everything is alright. After confirming, he gently licks the outer lips of his nook. Kankri shudders in delight. He begins to slowly lap up the genetic material that’s dripping from it. He begins to roll his hips in a needy pattern, desperate for more friction. Cronus drags his tongue between the folds of his nook and pushes against his opening. The contrasting temperature gives Kankri chills as he’s being tongue-fucked by none other than an Ampora.

The same tightness in his stomach begins to build up when Cronus begins to kiss and suck at the base of his bulge. He begins to articulate his moans when he finds that he’s too deeply entrenched in pleasure to move. Cronus mistakes this and sucks harder, knowing what’s about to happen before Kankri does himself. His vision goes blurry and he breaks out into a cold sweat as he comes undone with a shriek. He grabs fistfuls of Cronus’s hair and squeals out his name uncontrollably. He has no clue what’s going on besides the fact that it feels fucking amazing and he never wants it to end. As he’s coming down from his high, he realizes that he’s gasping for air and tears are brimming his eyes. Cronus is hovering over him, face dusted in purple and coated in red.

CRONUS: fuck kanny, youre swveet like candy.

Kankri would have liked to bash his face in for saying something so vile and lewd, but unfortunately he has his lips pressed against Cronus’s like it would kill him not to. He makes the mistake of opening his mouth and getting a tongueful of his own genetic material. To his dismay, Cronus wasn’t wrong, even if the delivery of the comment was. Kankri pulls away first, needing to catch a breath.

KANKRI: What… exactly was that, Cr9nus…

CRONUS: wvhat, your genmat?

KANKRI: N9! I mean, that feeling!

CRONUS: oh, i actually made you cum? holy shit, i didnt knowv i wvas that good,

Kankri’s face blushes at least three shades darker and he presses the back of his hand to his mouth. He had heard about orgasming, but to experience it? He’d sworn he would never. Somehow though, he feels safe with him. Safe enough to betray his ideals and beliefs, although guilt still lingers. He’s still shaking from the intensity of it. Cronus is there to help him through.

CRONUS: sooo, uh, you up for a round twvo?

KANKRI: A what?

Cronus flips them over and puts Kankri on his lap. He realizes that he’s still fully clothed somewhere along the way, and strips down to his boxers. He lets Kankri’s bulge do the work, and it rubs against his crotch instinctively. Kankri doesn’t know what to do but grind against Cronus, and as it turns out, that’s exactly the right thing to be doing. Cronus sucks air through his teeth and softly moans gentle encouragements. Eventually, it’s not enough contact, and he decides to shuck off his violet-stained underwear to reveal a fully unsheathed bulge. Kankri gasps as their bulges immediately tangle and knot together and he falls forwards and catches himself on his hands. It’s lewd and taboo, having a highblood and mutant screw each other, but Kankri knows that Cronus loves him for it.

Cronus’s bulge slips away and slides downwards. It circles Kanrki’s nook before pushing in, and it leaves both of them starry-eyed and gasping for air. Kankri’s eyes brim with tears from the sheer size of it, and Cronus almost passes out from the warmth. His bulge lingers for a moment, then starts to rub against his walls slow and deep. He relinquishes all autonomy over his actions at this point, instead choosing to lay on Cronus’s chest and let him fuck him. He reaches up and grabs Kankri’s ass and pulls him back and forth as his bulge starts to go faster. It eventually finds a spot that makes Kankri gasp and dig his claws into his shoulders, drawing pinpricks of shimmering violet blood.

When Kankri starts to get that feeling again, he tells him this time. Cronus’s heart swells and he lets him know that he’s close too. Kankri weaves a hand into his matesprit’s hair and pulls his head to the side to give him access to kiss. He bites down and starts to leave a deep bruise, making Cronus’s hips buck upwards. It shocks Kankri and pushes him over the edge; every muscle in his body contracts and his nook cinches. With the newfound tightness, Cronus thrusts two more times and gasps. He grabs a bucket from beside his bed and quickly positions it so that they both spill into it. Kankri shudders and groans into Cronus’s shoulder as they climax together.

They lay there for a moment, just breathing in the scent of each other and basking in the afterglow. It’s really calming, but the feeling of drying genetic material on your thighs sort of overpowers the tranquility in a way. Cronus gets up and alchemizes new sheets and a towel to dry off with. He replaces the linens and reaches down to gently dry off Kankri before himself. After everything is said and done, he pulls the sheets over them and kisses Kankri’s forehead before drifting off to sleep.

Kankri tosses and turns throughout the night, riddled with nightmares and guilt. He wakes up to his matesprit spooning him and whispering sweet nothings in his ear when he thinks he can’t hear. It’s nothing much, but it’s enough to show him that he’s loved and safe, even if it’s just in the moment. He’ll sort this out with himself later. For now, he’s safe. For now, he’s just feeling.