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will wood (and the tapeworms)

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will wood

will wood. what is there to say? what is there not to say? main singer and leader of the band will wood and the tapeworms, singer-songwriter soloist, stand-up comedian, filmmaker, artist; all words to describe one guy. his music ranges from indie to doo-wop, but somehow, he makes it all work - amazingly. here’s will wood’s page on my little corner of the web. (A/N: tier lists have been updated 6/15/23 1/2/24)

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the normal album

the normal album is almost certainly the most popular album to date that has been released by will wood. it's in my top three favorite albums of all time, too! i feel like it definitely deserves the recognition, but i think that the other albums (and the tapeworms!) get slept on in favor of this album. although this album is great, it's just one of the many that will wood has made.
    my tier list:
  1. suburbia overture
  2. i/me/myself
  3. love, me normally
  4. laplace's angel (hurt people? hurt people!)
  5. 2econd 2ight 2eer (that was fun, goodbye.)
  6. ...well, better than the alternative
  7. memento mori: the most important thing in the world
  8. marsha, thankk you for the dialectics, but i need you to leave
  9. blackboxwarrior - okultra
  10. outliars and hyppocrates: a fun fact about apples

everything is a lot

    my tier list:
  1. skeleton appreciation day
  2. front street
  3. thermodynamic lawyer esq, g.f.d.
  4. the first step
  5. red moon
  6. chemical reaction / compound fracture
  7. white knuckle jerk (where do you get off?)
  8. 6up 5oh cop-out (pro / con)
  9. lysergide daydream
  10. jimmy mushrooms' last drink
  11. cover this song (a little bit mine)
  12. ¡aikido! (neurotic / erotic)
  13. everything is a lot

"in case i make it,"

    my tier list:
  1. against the kitchen floor
  2. vampire reference in a minor key
  3. the main character
  4. cicada days
  5. falling up
  6. willard!
  7. tomcat disposables
  8. um, it's kind of a lot
  9. euthanasia
  10. white noise
  11. half-decade hangover
  12. you liked this (okay, computer!)
  13. that's enough, let's get you home.
  14. sex, drugs, rock 'n' roll
  15. bfbbp
  16. becoming the lastnames


    my tier list:
  1. the song with five names
  2. cotard's solution
  3. hand me my shovel, i'm going in!
  4. 2012
  5. mr. capgras encounters a secondhand vanity
  6. dr. sunshine is dead
  7. self-
  8. -ish